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UNIT 01 - Math & Kinematics

  • Orders of magnitude - the universe scale (website)
  • Orders of magnitude - Powers of 10 (youtube)
  • Distance vs displacement (youtube)
  • Speed vs velocity (youtube)
  • Using constant speed equation (youtube)
  • Orders of magnitude - the universe scale (youtube)
  • Orders of magnitude - Powers of 10 (youtube)
  • World record highest dive Dana Kunze (youtube)
  • Watermelon drop (youtube)
  • Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber (youtube)
  • Apollo 15 David Scott falcon feather and hammer on the moon (youtube)

UNIT 02 - PJM & Weight

UNIT 03 - Newton's Laws, Friction, Universal Gravitation, Springs, and Circles

  • N1 Law: Crash test without seat belt (youtube)
  • N1 Law: Head at rest rear test for whiplash prevention (youtube)
  • N3 Law: Ant hitting finger (gfycat)
  • Coefficient of friction explained (youtube)
  • Does surface area affect the amount of friction b/t 2 surfaces? (youtube)
  • Centripetal motion 2001 Space Odyssey (youtube)

UNIT 04 - Conservation of Momentum & Conservation of Energy

  • Con of mom: Interactive carts online applet (applet)
  • High-speed (super slow motion) Video Clips (webpage)
  • Impulse: When your airbag is late (youtube)
  • Impulse: Airbag side deployment (youtube)
  • Impulse: How and airbag sensor works (youtube)
  • Impulse: Physics of airbags article (webpage)
  • Impulse: Bouncing vs not bouncing (youtube)
  • Impulse: Unloading concrete pipe without a crane (gfycat)
  • The Unbreakable Egg (youtube)
  • Con of mom: push off from wagon in snow (youtube)
  • Con of mom: carts collide and stick (youtube)
  • Con of mom: people push apart (youtube)
  • Con of mom: throw ball (youtube)
  • Con of mom: fire extinguisher (youtube)
  • Con of mom: fire extinguisher on boat (youtube)
  • Con of mom: compressed air (youtube)
  • Energy of cars (youtube)
  • FORCES, IMP, MOM, ENERGY: Car crashes, It's basic physics (youtube)

UNIT 05 - Electrostatics & Electricity

  • What is the electron (webpage link)
  • Parts of the atom click-through with self check (webpage)
  • How to apply Coulomb's law (youtube)
  • Balloons and static electricity applet (applet)
  • Super staticky foam pieces (reddit)
  • How fast to electrons move in a wire? website link
  • How does your electricity flow, getting started website link
  • Electrified concrete article (webpage)
  • Electrified concrete alternate (webpage)
  • Resistance color band calculator (webpage)
  • History of the battery (youtube)
  • Ohm's law applet (applet)
  • Resistance in a wire applet (applet)
  • Ohms, Volts, and Amps explained (youtube)

UNIT 06 - Sound & Light

  • Doppler airplane applet (applet)
  • Doppler effect explained (youtube)
  • Industrial noise cancelling microphone (youtube)
  • Noise cancelling headphones (youtube)
  • What is light (youtube)
  • Refraction of light applet (applet)
  • TIR laser in flowing water (pbslearning)

UNIT 07 - Modern Physics

  • Photoelectric effect applet (applet)
  • Lifespan of Electron and Lepton number explained (gizmodo)
  • Watching Uranium emit radiation inside a cloud chamber (youtube)