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  • calculate the force of gravitational attraction between the Earth and its's moon. Use values for your reference packet as needed. Write your response on a blank sheet of paper, being sure to show all your work including equation used, substitution with units, and final answer with units. Photograph your work and email directly to me.

MONDAY 3/16/2020

  • WKSHT: Calculate the centripetal force acting on the moon as it orbits the Earth. Photograph your work and email directly to me
  • NOTES: Double this, 4 questions as notes)
  • LAB: Centripetal motion in horizontal circle (lab directions) (virtual lab to accompany PDF)
    • Use the virtual lab which represents swinging a rubber stopper around in a horizontal circle, balanced by a handing weight below it. You can change the weight of the hanging weight by clicking them to add more washers, you can adjust the radius of the rope, and you can adjust the mass of the rubber stopper using the arrow.
    • Play around with the variables and see how changing each on impacts the speed of rotation.
    • To do the lab, reset back to default values. You will let the stopper swing for 10 rotations and record the time. Repeat two times. Then fill out the lab.
    • On a separate sheet of paper include the data table filled in and the mass of hanging weights below it. Then number and show work for the rest of the problems. Re-draw the six blank graphs at the end and draw in the line/curve as appropriate. Photograph your work and email directly to me
  • Centripetal motion ICP 11Q Photograph your work and email directly to me

TUESDAY 3/17/2020

WEDNESDAY 3/18/2020 skipping the exam

  • TEST - Unit exam on forces, Newton's laws of motion, weight and mass, the force of friction and its coefficient, force on a spring, universal gravitation, and centripetal motion. Be familiar with graphs regarding acceleration vs net force applied to a constant mass, acceleration vs mass of object for a constant net force, force of weight vs mass, force of friction vs normal force, force on a spring vs elongation, gravitational attraction vs separation distance, gravitational attraction vs mass of objects, centripetal acceleration vs mass, centripetal acceleration vs radius, centripetal acceleration vs speed, centripetal force vs mass, & centripetal force vs speed. (SKIPPING... Focus on new material as of Thursday)

THURSDAY 3/19/2020

FRIDAY 3/20/2020

MONDAY 3/23/2022

TUESDAY 3/24/2020

WEDNESDAY 3/25/2020

  • LAB: Impulse changes momentum (looking for substitute activity...)
  • NOTES: 4 examples of impulse
  • CW: Impulse and graphs (Turn in via Castle Learning)
  • HW: Impulse graph practice (Photograph work and email directly, draw an approximation of the graph)

THURSDAY 3/26/2020

FRIDAY 3/27/2020

MONDAY 3/30/2020

QUIZ - Quiz on momentum and impulse done via writing prompts and T/F questions. (This will be distributed and collected via email any day when you are ready just ask for it.)

TUESDAY 3/31/2020

  • Intro to work and power
    • Youtube: Energy, work, and power (link)
    • Conceptual physics reading: Intro, work, & power (link)
    • Review book reading work and power (link)
    • Youtube 3 cases for finding work (link)
    • Youtube finding work when force is at an angle (link)
    • Need more practice? Check yourself with more online examples (link)
    • Graded work: Review questions 1-25 (link) - (type an email with your answers) multiple attempts allowed

WEDNESDAY 4/1/2020

  • LAB: Work lifting vs pulling up ramp (looking for online substitute...)
  • LAB: Power pushing contest (skipping..)

THURSDAY 4/2/2020

  • No new update... waiting for the class to all get caught up, no worries if you are running behind!

FRIDAY 4/3/2020

  • No new update... waiting for the class to all get caught up, no worries if you are running behind!