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  • Agglutination - The clumping of molecules or cells
  • Antibodies - Substances secreted by WBC that bind to antigens
  • Antigen - Cell surface receptors or foreign substances that antibodies react with
  • Antigen - Antibody response - A reaction in which antibodies attach to specific antigens
  • Lines of convergence - A 2D view of the intersection of lines formed by drawing lines through the main axes of at least two drops of blood that indicates the general area of the source of the spatter.
  • Point of origin - A single place in 3D space formed using lines of convergence and angles of impact.
  • Satellite drop - A secondary drop formed when some blood breaks free from the main contact drop of blood.
  • Bed blood cell - Cells that carry respiratory gasses.
  • White blood cell - Cells that help defend the body.
  • Platelets - Cells that help in clotting of blood.
  • Plasma - The liquid portion of blood that carries nutrients.
  • Hemoglobin - A protein containing iron that oxygen can bind to.