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  • Amorphous - Without a defined shape; fibers composed of a loose arrangement of polymers that are soft, elastic, and absorbing (for example cotton)
  • Crystalline - Regularly shaped; fibers composed of polymers packed side by side, which make it stiff and strong (for example flax)
  • Fiber - The smallest indivisible unit of textile, it must be at least 100 times longer than wide
  • Mineral fiber - A collection of mineral crystals formed into a recognizable pattern
  • Monomer - A small molecule that may bond to other monomers to become a polymer.
  • Polymer - Substances composed of long chains of repeating monomers.
  • Natural fiber - A fiber produced naturally and harvested from animal, plant, or mineral sources.
  • Synthetic fiber - A fiber made from man-made substances such as plastic or petroleum
  • Textile - A flexible, flat material made by interlacing yarns or threads.
  • Yarn - Fibers which have been spun together.