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  • Chain of custody - The documented and unbroken transfer of evidence
  • Circumstantial evidence (indirect evidence) - Evidence used to imply a fact but not prove it directly.
  • Direct evidence - Evidence that (if true) proves an alleged fact, such as an eyewitness account of a crime.
  • First responder - The first police officer to arrive at a crime scene.
  • Individual evidence - A kind of evidence that links a particular person or thing to a certain group.
  • Class evidence - Material that connects an individual or group
  • Primary crime scene - The location where the crime took place.
  • Secondary crime scene - A location other than the primary crime scene, but that is in some way related to the crime, where evidence is found.
  • Trace evidence - Small but measurable amounts of physical or biological material found at a crime scene.
  • Paper bindle - A folded paper used to hold trace evidence