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  1. VOCAB: Chapter 01 Vocabulary on Observation
  2. NOTES: Observation and inference (part 1) (part 2)
  3. Chapter 01 Case Studies
  4. Chapter 01 Review Questions
  5. SUMMARY: 4th Amendment Research Summary (link to notes)
  6. SUMMARY: When can the police search me?
  7. SUMMARY: The patriot act
  8. FFILES: A clean getaway (link to summary)
  9. VOCAB: Chapter 02 Vocabulary on Evidence
  10. NOTES: Securing a crime scene (link to notes)
  11. NOTES: Sketch requirements and search patterns (link to notes on sketching) (link to notes on searching)
  12. NOTES: Evidence collection and chain of custody (link to notes)
  13. Chapter 02 Case Studies
  14. Chapter 02 Review Questions
  15. NOTES: Using a microscope (link to notes)
  16. NOTES: Hair basics (link to notes)
  17. VOCAB: Chapter 03 Vocabulary on Hair
  18. NOTES: Hair cycle & growth rate (link to notes)
  19. FFILES: Hot on the trail (link to summary)
  20. NOTES: Hair diameter notes (link to notes)
  21. NOTES: Advanced hair notes (link to notes)
  22. SUMMARY: Postmortem Root Banding (see Articles page for reading and questions)
  23. Chapter 03 Case Studies
  24. Chapter 03 Review Questions
  25. VOCAB: Chapter 04 Vocabulary on Fiber
  26. NOTES: Fiber basics (link to notes)